Banana Nut Bread is a tisane or an herbal or fruit infusion with leading notes of banana, nuts and vanilla.  Tisanes are caffeine free and enjoyed around the clock.  The fruits we use in our blends are fully dehydrated in-house starting with locally soured fresh fruit with no added sugar or preservatives. Boost your heart and waist health in one go. This dessert infusion strikes a balance to satiate a sweet craving without the guilt. Give yourself a daily Vitamin and Mood boost with Banana and a shot of antioxidates with grapes and dates. 

Ausum Tea blends are handmade in small batches with zero sugar and sweeteners and no preservatives. This blend can be enjoyed as Loose leaf.

Get Wellness and Positivity with this zero sugar herbal infusion that can be served both hot and cold. Infuse in white alcohol to spruce up your cocktails!

Net Quantity –
  • Teabag: NET Weight – 75 grams | No. of Teabags - 15 N | Each Teabag contains 5 grams
  • Loose Blend: NET Weight – 75 grams | Each box makes 20 teacups of 250ml
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  • No Sugar
  • Brew Hot
  • Brew Cold
  • Infuse

Product Specification


Soothe your senses and soul to levitate to the next sphere. Satiate those sweet cravings with this preservative free, zero caffeine twist on the classic dessert loaf. A no sugar tisane (fruit infusion) that is loaded with natural sweetness from bananas and dates, nuttiness of almond flakes and undertones of black grapes for that perfect finish, this one's a dessert in a cup!

Ausum Tea is all about making tea a fun, alternative yet great for you experience. We are conscious of developing blends that have a layered taste for a more well-rounded beverage. We work with select suppliers who share the same ethos as us - ethically sourcing, no preservatives or pesticides to the extent possible, small enterprises that rely on small businesses to thrive. Since we dry most of the fruit that goes into our blends, our sourcing is mainly reliant on seasonality and supply of fresh produce.

Every cup of Ausum is part of our mission towards Clean and Green living. Our blends are packed with goodness and none of the added sugar, preservatives or sweeteners. Ausum Tea is great for your body, soul and environment. We strive to be a minimal waste brand. The outer packaging will decompose within 12 months when mixed with soil.

Teabag with a Tale

Ausum Tea teabags are crafted using 100% pure cotton, naturally bleached without the use of any chemicals. Enjoy a cup of Ausum as it is meant to be – real goodness of the blend and none of the lingering taste of chemicals or paper. Each Ausum Tea bag is sanitised using Ozone and then packed individually in pouches flushed with Nitrogen to retain the freshness of the blend. In pursuit of generating minimal waste, the teabags decompose and return to nature, from where they came.

Ausum Tea teabags are handcrafted by enterprising women who are striving to have a better livelihood by upskilling themselves. Each teabag is a tale of the person who has had a role to play in bringing a dash of Ausum to your cup.

Blend Type

Tisanes (pronounced as Tee-Zahn), also known as herbal teas or infusions, are beverages made from the infusion or decoction of herbs, spices, fruits, or other plant material in water. Tisanes have a long history, dating back to ancient China and Egypt, where they were drunk for both enjoyment and medicinal purposes. When can you drink herbal teas, you may ask? Since tisanes do not contain tea leaves, they are caffeine free and can be consumed at any time of the day. How much herbal tea can I drink, you may wonder? Herbal teas have no caffeine in them and our blends are close to Zero Calorie so drink as many as you like guilt free!


Our Wellness and Positivity blends are ideal to get a spring in your step. Cheer yourself on and give your senses a treat with these flavourful, happy brews. Enjoy daily for a little cup of dessert to put an extra big smile on your face.



Banana, Nuts and Vanilla


Banana, Almond Flakes, Middle Eastern Date and Black Grape

Nutrition Facts Per 100ml*
Energy (Kcal/100g) 4.46
Protein (%) 0.12
Carbohydrates (%) 0.5
Sugar (%) < 0.5
Added sugar 0
Fat (%) 0.22
*approximate values

Why is it good for you

Why drink herbal tea is a common question. The ingredients pack a great deal of goodness to add wholesome wellness for the body and mind so let’s look at the highlights

  • Boost your mood with Banana. Dehydrated chunks of Robusta plantain keep those neurotransmitters in check to make you keep those smiles on. Boost your heart and waist health in one go. The tanginess in Black grapes is nothing more than a reminder of those antioxidants working as well as improving your circulation. Dates give that final midas touch with its natural sweetness to finish off this desert tea with minimal treadmill miles.

Experience AusumTea

Hot Brew

  • Add 1.5 teaspoons of blend to a cup of just boiled water and steep for 5-6 minutes.
  • Strain and serve.

Cold Brew

  • Add 1.5 teaspoons of blend to a cup of filtered, fresh water at room temperature.
  • Allow to steep in the refrigerator for 60 minutes.
  • Strain and store for up to 6 hours in a refrigerator at 1-5 degrees Celsius.


  • Add 2 teaspoons of blend to 60 ml of white spirit of your choice. Steep for 30 minutes.
  • Strain the liquor and use as a base for cocktails.


  • The sweetness of almonds and banana pair well with a savoury delight to give it an edge. Combine with crackers or a cream cheese bagel
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