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3 Easy Steps To Make Homemade Cold Brewed Iced Tea

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One of our absolute favourites for the summer (and all year round!) is a well made Cold Brewed Iced Tea. That refreshing, soothing taste, sweet smelling aroma is a seductress in a tall glass. It’s definitely a healthier alternative to a soda or a beer to beat the heat.

Cold brew benefits

Most iced teas are made hot first and then cooled. Heat brings out the bitterness in tea through the release of tannins into the water. Commercial Iced teas, however, have copious amounts of sugar added to mask the bitterness. Without heating, you’re left with a perfectly refreshing iced tea. This is why cold brew iced teas are a great way to let the flavour of tea slowly steep into the water, creating a smoother tasting beverage. All the flavours blend nicely together over the course of the steeping period.

3 Easy Steps

The method of making cold brew iced teas is incredibly simple. Follow the below 3 Easy Steps for a health-rich cold brewed Iced Tea.

Cold brew tea_Ausum Tea_Summer Iced tea_Step 1


Step 1: Combine loose-leaf tea or whole tea bags and filtered water in a pitcher. Try our best Cold brew range of teas.

Cold brew tea_Ausum Tea_Summer Iced tea_Step 2


Step 2: Let the tea infuse into the water for 2-3 hours. If you want to store the tea and consume for longer or prefer a stronger taste, steep for 6 to 12 hours. Steep in the refrigerator or on the counter. Preferably in the refrigerator, if you are steeping for longer.

Cold brew tea_Ausum Tea_Summer Iced tea_Step 3


Step 3: Strain and your delicious glass of cold brew iced tea is ready to serve! You can enjoy this for a couple of days by storing it in a closed container.

Another option we sometimes use is a French press. Steep your loose-leaf tea in a clean French press. Press down the filter to remove those loose tea leaves and pour when you are ready. 

Try some of our naturally sweet blends and skip the need to add sugar. Some of these have tea in them and some are just herbal or fruit infusions with no tea (caffeine) content. Visit our website and explore the range of cold brews to help you through the summer. Go on, start steeping!

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