How Green Tea is useful in fighting cancer

By March 7, 2018 No Comments

The health benefits of Green Tea have been widely discussed, with various research studies being released over time revealing one miraculous property after another. But these wondrous properties that reveal how Green Tea helps in better health are not just fiction. The ingredients in this beverage and the presence of antioxidants have been linked to curing cancer and tumors.

But what is in these antioxidants that makes it so effective? The leaves contain bioactive compounds and polyphenols called “catechins” which are believed to be responsible for these benefits- specifically EGCG (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate). Here’s how Green Tea is useful to fight cancer:

1. Green Tea prevents cancer cell growth

The most widely accepted theory about Green Tea and Cancer prevention comes from the property of EGCG to prevent cell replication. It helps block enzymes that assist the cancer cells to grow and multiply. These antioxidants also increase cellular protein levels causing a condition of growth arrest, making it difficult for these cells to survive in the body.

2. EGCG kills cancer cells

In a study by the University of Kansas, it was determined that EGCG is twice as powerful as resveratrol- an element known for its ability to kill cancer cells. Why Green Tea is good is because it alters the genetic expression of these cells by increasing the activity of the tumor suppressor gene. EGCG also damages the protective membrane that protects cancerous cells, which, in turn, increases their programmed death.

The same antioxidants in organic Green Tea also prevent the growth of tumors by restricting the formation and growth of blood vessels in them. This also restricts them from spreading to other parts of the body.

Laboratory studies have shown that EGCG in herbal Green Tea is the wonder constituent that helps in the prevention and treatment of cancer. But research continues, and the medical world hasn’t yet officially declared that this beverage is the cure for cancer that millions have been looking for. However, prevention is always a safe choice, and if drinking a cup of this a day can aid better health, then why not? It is always recommended you check with your physician first, especially if you are already on other medication.

The antioxidant concentration of this natural tea (and in turn, its health benefits) depend on the type and quality of the tea you use. So always opt for an organic Green Tea to avoid pesticides and chemicals. Visit us and choose from our range – available as loose tea blends and as tea bags, online, on our website.