How is herbal tea good for you

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Be it the first thing in the morning, or the last thing before bed, nothing’s better than a nice steaming cup of tea. Especially zero caffeine Herbal concoctions. This daily ritual started off to naturally cleanse and refresh the body. But with time, sugary and caffeinated beverages got more popular, and herbal teas lost out. But you can still get a whole lot of benefits from them. How is herbal tea good for you? Read on to find out why it’s important to bring this healthy habit back into our daily lives.

First, what is herbal tea?

Contrary to popular belief, herbal teas aren’t made from a specific plant. Also called tisanes, they are herbal infusions of leaves, seeds, roots or fruits, extracted in hot water. Read all about teas and tisanes in our previous blog post. Read on below to find out why herbal teas are good for you.



Why drink herbal tea?

Just sipping on a cup of herbal tea might sometimes give you more relief than a pill! Right from curing insomnia to regulating blood sugar, these beverages can do wonders. Get the benefits of hydration, and some other medicinal plus points too.

  • Relief from common cold

    Tisanes or herbal teas contain ingredients like chamomile, turmeric and ginger. These can help soothe the common cold with their decongestant properties. They clear nasal passages, bring down cough and may sometimes bring relief to people suffering from asthma as well.

  • Helps digestion

    Tea in general, and tisanes in particular are known to be good for digestion. They help food break down faster. This is also why they are recommended to those with constipation or other intestinal problems. If you’re wondering what herbal tea is good for digestion, it is generally said that infusions with lemon, mint, ginger and cinnamon are safe and effective.


  • Relief from nausea

    Since herbal teas do not contain the traditional leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, they are generally considered safe for people with nausea. Tisanes with ingredients like ginger, mint, chamomile and even Raspberry leaves help settle digestive disturbance. They also cure nausea caused by anxiety, motion sickness or irritable bowel syndrome. Though herbal drinks are also recommended to pregnant women, it is always safe to consult a doctor first.

  • Keeps kidneys healthy

    Herbal teas are great for detox, which is one of the primary reasons they are recommended for kidney health. They help flush out toxins. Some tisane ingredients, like Chanca Piedra, turmeric, Dandelion and Cinnamon, are known for their diuretic properties, making them good for those with kidney stones or urinary tract infections.


    How is herbal tea good for you? In so many ways. Especially because this list can go on as each infusion comes with a different set of benefits, based on the ingredients used. But it is always good to choose your tisanes wisely, and also drink them in moderation. In case of serious medical conditions, it is always good to speak to a doctor before including anything in your regular diet.

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