Herbal Teas for PCOS treatment

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We are big believers in holistic healing. Here, at Ausum Tea, we passionately develop blends to help address health needs that can be alleviated with natural herbs and flowers. Traditional medicine has a holistic approach in healing and its benefits are measurable over a long period. They also have a lasting impact. Herbal tea is a great way to make these ancient medicinal practices a habit by consuming some flavourful and enjoyable blends. Here are some recommendations of how you can drink herbal teas for PCOS treatment.


PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOD is a common hormonal problem battled by many women. Herbal teas are an easy and natural way to help balance your hormones and reduce your PCOS symptoms. It has been proven that some herbals teas are beneficial for women with PCOS / PCOD as they use herbs that help lower inflammation or hormonal imbalance.

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1) Spearmint –

This is one of our top recommendations for women with PCOS. Spearmint lowers testosterone levels in women which are linked to many PCOS symptoms such as hirsutism and acne. Spearmint tea aids in increasing the hormone responsible for maintaining regular menstrual cycles. It is hailed as a miracle herb for women with PCOS. So, get more of this in your mug!

2) Licorice or Liquorice –

Naturally sweet tasting, Licorice supports the adrenal glands which produce the male hormones. These glands, when stressed, over secrete this hormone. Licorice tea helps balance Oestrogen levels and reduce sugar cravings without the calories!

3) Nettle –

Nettle tea improves the functioning of the liver – another important organ for processing hormones effectively.

4) Cinnamon –

This is one of our favourite spices – it is sweet and uplifting! Cinnamon tea helps lower blood sugar levels and boosts metabolism/aids weight loss. Balancing insulin and sugar levels is important to manage PCOS.

5) Chamomile –

Soothing on the nerves and a natural relaxant, Chamomile tea helps to relax and calm you. This is the key to keeping stress and anxiety in check to help manage PCOS.

Stay hydrated and take on the fight against PCOS with our tops picks of blends for this syndrome. Petrichor is a Green Tea bend with Spearmint, Licorice and Nettle- a perfect concoction of these three magic herbs in a delicious tea. Blue Pea Flower and Chamomile tea is a good choice to keep those stress levels in check. Winter in a Mug is lovely sipping tea for that magical cup of Cinnamon with sweet and spicy notes.

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