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  • Your Story
    Vishal Krishna | 02nd July 2017

    Mayura Rao joins India’s handcrafted tea party with organic brand, promises an Ausum cuppa

    With a strong supply chain and eco-conscious packaging, Bengaluru-based Ausum Tea offers organic tea blends and tisanes, and sets itself apart from the competition selling single origin teas. Click here to read full article

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  • Bangalore
    Shivani Kagti | 05th February 2017

    Flavoured Teas Find Flavour – Two city entrepreneurs walk us through the process of creating exquisite tea blends.

    As you catch a whiff of cinnamon, star anise and apples, it’s easy to imagine that you have just been handed a plate of hot apple pie. Instead, we are looking down at a hot cup of tea called, rather poetically, Winter In a Mug. As more and more tearooms and artisan tea boutiques make their way into the city, there’s a bewildering array of flavoured teas and tisanes at one’s disposal. Joining the tea party are two freshly-brewed-city-based entrepreneurs, Medha and Mayura Rao, who recently launched Ausum Tea, a line of organic, finely-crafted tea blends and tisanes (or fruit teas). United by their love for tea, the cousins gave up corporate jobs to spend the last one year brewing potions and testing them on friends and family. Neither has any formal training in tea blending – their learning has been through trial and error, kitchen experiments, research and consultations with experts. They have launched nine blends (three flavoured green teas, two flavoured white teas and four tisanes). They share what goes into the making of flavoured teas. Click here to read full article

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  • Indulge
    Anagha M | 19th May 2018

    Out of the Brew – Fruity and calming or spicy and rejuvenating, Ausum Tea has something for everyone.

    Steeped in innovation – Mayura says the research that went into creating the blends was organic and based on their own experiences, “For example, when we were creating Eastern Zing, we recalled the smells that are associated with China, Vietnam and Thailand from our travels there. Lemongrass is a standout ingredient that’s used in their food, drinks and even spas.” So, they took lemongrass as a lead flavour and then worked on building up a recipe that supplements and complements it. Click here to read full article

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  • LBB
    Aditi Devi | 05th June 2017

    After 8 or The Smell of Rain: These Tea Blends are perfect even as cocktails

    A Bangalore-based company, Ausum Tea makes organic tea blends and tisanes that are unique, and even fun! More so since these blends make the most amazing additions to cocktails! Click here to read full article

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  • The Hindu
    Shilpa Sebastian R. | 18th January 2018

    For an ‘Ausum’ cuppa – Two Bengalureans come together to create signature hand-made teas

    “We both love tea. In London I was introduced to tisanes (fruit infusions) and discovered that blended teas are quite a rage there, is served in every café and one is spoilt for choice. But here it was a little difficult to find the range and the very thought of importing them seemed tiresome. So, we decided to make our own tea”, explains Mayura adding that the duo went into an “intense time of R&D” Click here to read full article

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  • Deccan Herald
    Surupasree Sarmmah | 19th May 2018

    Just one’s cup of tea!

    “We wanted to target what is lacking in the market, which is more or less recipe-based teas. Something that rekindles perhaps a childhood memory” – Mayura. Click here to read full article

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  • DNA
    Priyanka Golikeri | 19th May 2018

    Is it your cup of tea? – From Gyukuro to Rooibos, tea consumption in India is growing nonmilk and gourmet.

    “Then of course there is the dessert tea. Like we have banana nut bread into a tisane with 0.5% of carbohydrate, to enjoy with a slice of cake. Indians are far more discerning today and the palette has transformed to embrace gourmet tea blends to cherish tea drinking as an enjoyable experience”, say tea connoisseurs Mayura Rao and Medha Rao, who run Ausum Tea. Click here to read full article

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  • Hotelier India
    Bindu Gopal Rao | 19th May 2018

    The Cup That Cheers

    Ausum Tea specialises in a range of signature, handmade and organic tea blends and tisanes (fruit infusions) that are packed with a variety of herbs, fruit, flowers and spices. “Our brews do not contain added sugar and are preservative-free, with little or no caffeine. Currently, we have nine blends in our portfolio and hope to add an equal number by this year-end. We currently offer our blends as loose leaves and are shortly diversifying into teabags,” said Mayura Rao and Medha Rao, Ausum Tea’s founders. Click here to read full article

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  • Economic Times
    Smita Bairam | 07th August 2017

    City Warms Up to Novel Tea

    What is common between celebrities Lady Gaga, Lionel Messi, Daniel Craig and David Beckham? Apparently, all are tea lovers. In fact, Argentinian footballer Messi drinks a cup of gourmet tea called yerba mate before every match. Boutique teas, going beyond routine chai and green tea, with fruit and flower blends, are stirring a new trend in Bengaluru too. Click here to read full article

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