Sip Me Baby One More Time

Sip Me Baby One More Time is a limited edition of three handcrafted AusumTea blends for a bold and vibrant tea drinking experience. From an enticing Spanish Sangria and surprise filled Hot Mango Mess to a soothing Calm 'Em Nerves, this is one sensational ride you want to be on board for. AusumTea blends are handmade in small batches with zero sugar and sweeteners and no preservatives.

What’s inside:

Spanish Sangria - a zero caffeine tisane (also known as fruit infusion) with leading notes of Strawberry and Orange. The perfect afternoon brew with strawberry, hibiscus, orange and sweet after taste of licorice to help you get a dose of wellness and positivity

Calm ‘em Nerves – a low caffeine organic Darjeeling First Flush tea blend with leading notes of jasmine and chamomile. The perfect mid-morning brew with the tender jasmine buds and chamomile to help you destress and relax

Hot Mango Mess – a very low caffeine organic first flush Darjeeling white tea blend with leading notes of mango and orange. The perfect evening brew with the sweetness of mango and the fiery aftertaste of chilli to give your energy vitality and boost

  • ‎₹380
    60 gms
  • No Sugar
  • Brew Hot
  • Brew Cold
  • Infuse

Product Specification


AusumTea is all about making tea a fun, alternative yet great for you experience. We are conscious of developing blends that have a layered taste for a more well-rounded beverage. We work with select suppliers who share the same ethos as us - ethically sourcing, no preservatives or pesticides to the extent possible, small enterprises that rely on small businesses to thrive. Since we dry most of the fruit that goes into our blends, our sourcing is mainly reliant on seasonality and supply of fresh produce.

Every cup of Ausum comes with good vibes only!

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