Spirit of Ausum

“But that's the whole aim of civilization: to make everything a source of enjoyment. -
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

The purpose of Ausum Tea is to create a storm in a teacup. Keeping our teas and tisanes (herbal infusions) exciting and different is at the heart of everything we do. We started this journey to brighten you up with our tasty and healthy blends. While on this quest, we set out our tenets that have come to define our products and us, as a team.

Minimal waste

Minimal waste is at the core of our operations. We seek to reduce our carbon footprint where we can without compromising the quality and experience of our blends. This, no doubt, is a delicate balance to strike but one we double down on. We use biodegradable cotton teabags, paper packaging that will fully decompose, minimal use of plastic, sustainable production processes and much more. We are working towards a natural decomposition of our packaging within a 12 month period - a challenge we strive towards.


Our teabags are crafted using 100% pure cotton that is naturally bleached without the use of any chemicals. We ensure that any processing doesn't involve the use of harsh chemicals that would eventually end up in our ground water sources or rivers. The tags are not held together with staples, which paper teabags tend to have, creating another source of metal wastage. Our teabags fully return to nature in one monsoon cycle.


Upskilling is at the core of our people proposition. Our manufacturing team comprises of women who previously used to be domestic labour. We believe that these women are the glue that keep our society functioning the way it does. Strong, entrepreneurial and hardworking women, who sometimes singlehanded run their families, are often under looked as a manufacturing hire. These women have been taught how to operate equipment, read the names of our blends in English when they barely can write in their local language and understand food manufacturing processes. We are doing our bit to bring them into an organised workforce and contribute directly to India's GDP.


We work hard to keep our blends honest through the ingredients we use, how we process natural fruit. how we link into the supply chain and the impact we have on the sourcing ecosystem. We use fresh ingredients where possible ranging from the base teas to dried flowers and fruit. Most of our dried fruit, herbs, spices, flowers and base tea are organic certified and ethically grown. Our teas are sourced from an estate that works with the Rainforest Alliance to ensure that green cover is preserved and maintained. The fresh fruit that we process here at Ausum are procured from local farms around Bangalore. We ensure that no harmful chemicals or preservatives are added to dehydrated fruit and use natural ingredients to give our blends a sweet after taste. Our sourcing partners share similar ethos as us and are small enterprises themselves that rely on other small businesses to thrive.

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