Throwing Rings Mug

Handmade studio pottery mug and infuser unit to enjoy loose tea blends around the clock. Handmade pottery is made of two special words - Handmade and pottery. When combined, they double the special! 

The Throwing Rings Mug is designed for an ergonomic warm hold along the body of the mug. Wide, curved ridges are achieved on the body of the mug while moulding the shape on the wheel. The mug is glazed black with a white infuser with black rim.

This mug set makes 250 ml of warm brew and is completely food safe. The infuser holds back the loose blend while letting it slowly infusing into the hot water. As the name suggests, loose blend will mean that some of the really tiny particles will escape into the mug. This is completely harmless so sip away!

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Handmade or studio pottery is about creating unique masterpieces. They are perfectly imperfect. No two pieces are alike, so your studio pottery piece is unique and has the maker’s original stamp of creativity on it. Please note that studio pottery lends itself to an artistic creation of an individual piece. If one piece doesn’t exactly match the other, celebrate the beauty in its uniqueness instead.

When most products we consume are mechanised and mass produced, relish a creation that is a labour of love. Studio pottery is full of character, like its potter. Each handmade ceramic therefore showcases the potter’s skill, style, creativity, personality and personal touch.

We worked closely with Crafts So Sublime to create this infuser. A self-taught potter who quit a profession in software engineering to follow her passion has handmade this range of teaware exclusively for Ausum Tea.


Step 1

  • Clay is the base for all studio pottery. There are many types of clay that play a great role in the end result. Clay is created by the chemical weathering and geothermal alteration of igneous rocks into hydrous Aluminium Phyllosilicates. Every potter creates their own mix to make the intended creative outcome.
  • The clay is placed on a turning wheel to mould it into the desired shape. A very distinguished characteristic of wheel thrown pottery is the lines created while wheel-throwing. It is like a sculpture, entirely made by hands. The mug handle is pulled by hand and attached to the mug body. The holes in the infuser are carved out when the clay is at an appropriate stage of dryness, commonly referred to as 'leather hard'.

Step 2

  • All pieces of the set are dried completely before firing for the first time, called bisque firing. The colour of the clay determines the colour of the fired piece. The teaware is made in small batches with attention given to every piece to ensure a perfect outcome

Step 3

  • Glaze to pottery is like icing to cake. Glazes come in many hues and innumerous patterns can be developed with the same set of glazes by making them react with each other. Glazing is a skill in itself and is an ultimate challenge for the potter. The bisque fired pieces are then glazed by dipping them in the liquid glazes. The holes in the infuser are cleaned to ensure that they don’t get sealed during the glaze firing.

Step 4

  • Wide, curved ridges are achieved on the body of the mug while moulding the shape on the wheel. The mug is glazed black with a white infuser with black rim. Voila, our teaware is ready to ship to you!
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